Modularised Mobile Training

At 3t, we are constantly analysing the sectors we work in to understand the challenges of training and up-skilling workforces. One of the key challenges we found was being able to train workers in challenging or remote areas where the local workforce doesn’t have the required job role skill-sets.

By leveraging this understanding, along with our years of training expertise we have designed and built a groundbreaking mobile training solution that can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world to give world-class training to the local workforce. This helps to reduce the training costs and downtime typically seen when training is conducted elsewhere.

The solution is also scalable and flexible meaning it can be tailored to the exact requirements on the ground.

This solution is focused on building the safety, compliance and competence of workers and aims to leave a long term legacy of up-skilling and knowledge sharing.

It can also be used for short term projects, giving you the power to deliver specialised on-location training to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the project team.


Take a look at a selection of Modular training centre configuration options

We work together to develop a full design and rollout strategy based on the following key stages


We take time to discuss the workforce and operational requirements you need on-site to start the project.

Training plan

Based on the job roles required we design an accredited training programme tailored to meet the exact skill-set requirements to make the workforce safe, compliant and job-ready.


Our expert team then deliver and set-up a containerised training village allowing training to be delivered on location. We can also deploy teams of instructors to deliver the training courses.


The whole lifecycle of your workforce journey is managed through our powerful software meaning you have full visibility of the safety, risk awareness, compliance and competence of each worker in real-time.

Technology-driven training

As part of the containerised training village we can install a Virtual Reality, Simulator and technology suite giving your workforce the chance to continuously develop and test their skills. The VR platform can also deliver immersive site and safety inductions.


This is a key part of the solution - we can train the trainers meaning the local workforce can lead the way in the future. If the project is short term, on completion, modular units can be easily mobilised to other locations anywhere in the world.

"The modular training solution gives businesses the opportunity to deliver safety-critical training to help reduce the cost and downtime of sending the workers to train elsewhere."

John Kent, CSO, Kentech

Our modular units are developed from shipping container structures so are fully flexible and scalable depending on the on location training requirements.

Interested in finding out more about our Modular mobile training solutions? Get in touch and our expert team will discuss your requirements.

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Best-in-class learning experiences delivered at state-of-the-art training centres and on-site mobile training hubs in countries all around the world.

Software & Technology

A revolutionary and globally available cloud-based platform that transforms the entire training and workforce management process.


World leading Immersive products that enhance on-the-job performance by changing the way a workforce prepares for work and tests their skills.