Complete Training Management Solutions

We have over 10 years experience of delivering best in class training management services to our global energy sector clients.

Our solutions have helped to reduce costs and internal admin resource by up-to 20%, increase the quality and efficiency of the training and given each client the peace of mind of providing full visibility to the real-time training, compliance and competence of their sites, projects, teams and individual workers.

Whether it’s managing your whole training management or just a part of it, we can tailor the service to your exact requirements giving you full flexibility and control. We can align to your operational processes and work collaboratively with your internal teams to create an efficient and cost effective service.

The key stages of delivery

Understanding your requirements

We take time to understand your operations and the challenges you currently face to tailor the most cost effective solution. We then develop a roadmap of delivery in collaboration with your internal teams meaning we can strategically break down the delivery into phases that work for you.

Compliance and competence frameworks

We analyse the safety critical compliance and competence your workers need to work effectively and then help to build a training compliance and competence matrix for each job role. This allows you to instantly review potential training spend and have full visibility of current skills and knowledge gaps for each asset, project or team.

Training management

Once we have the roadmap and frameworks in place we can now start to manage your training. We work seamlessly with your internal teams and can even work from your offices for a fully connected management approach.

Connected software & technology

Transform our groundbreaking cloud-based Software & Technology platform manages and tracks the whole training and compliance management process The platform also gives you access to a range of technology-driven learning tools including Virtual Reality, E-Learn, Augmented Reality, Simulators and R3 - a revolutionary bite-size learning app.

Training delivery

We can deliver training at our world-class training centres or on-site. We operate from two main UK training centres strategically placed in Aberdeen and Newcastle offering over 450 courses. We can also deliver cost effective training anywhere around the world through our approved training supplier list.

The best training and the best price

Our courses are accredited by the worlds leading bodies meaning the quality of the training we deliver is best in class. As part of your solution we can offer exclusive discounts for the courses we deliver and work with our global training partners to get you the best price.

Bespoke training

We can design new instructor-led or E-Learn courses or adapt and tailor courses from our extensive portfolio to match your operational or job role specific requirements. These courses can be delivered on-site too for maximum cost efficiency.


As part of your solution we can manage everything including travel to and from training, accommodation as well as food and drink. We also have an on-site hotel at AIS Training

Full visibility

The Transform software includes dashboards and reporting tailored to each team member. This gives you full visibility of real-time training spend, worker compliance and competence, certificate expiry alerts and the ability to forecast future training spend.

"The efficiencies were immediate. The company’s training portfolio was significantly larger than ours and so instantly offered our personnel access to more than 450 industry-approved courses. As well as having access to a much greater range of training in one place, our staff were also able to use AIS Training’s other training centres across the UK. This meant our people could be trained at whichever centre was closest to them, reducing unnecessary travel and related costs."

Mike Henderson, Commercial & Business Development Director at Bilfinger Salamis

We currently manage the training for over 30 global energy sector clients

Our training companies facilities, AIS Training and Survivex, are truly world-class and provide the best possible learning experience for your workers.

"With our state-of-the-art training facilities, combined with world-leading instructor expertise and a passionate customer-focused management team we believe our training management solutions are second to none."

Paul Knowles, VP of Training

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Best-in-class learning experiences delivered at state-of-the-art training centres and on-site mobile training hubs in countries all around the world.

Software & Technology

A revolutionary and globally available cloud-based platform that transforms the entire training and workforce management process.


World leading Immersive products that enhance on-the-job performance by changing the way a workforce prepares for work and tests their skills.

We provide solutions for over 4000 clients in 80 different countries. View our full list of solutions to see how we can help your business.