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3t Transform has developed a groundbreaking, fully connected platform of cloud-based software and technology that helps you to manage, deliver and monitor your workforce training that advances safety, compliance, performance and competence.

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The integrated Transform platform

Training Management

This incredibly powerful software module is capable of managing every aspect of your organisation’s training management and booking workflow. This includes everything from understanding the training needs of your workforce to requesting and approving and then booking the training your workforce need to maintain or increase safety, compliance and competence.

Competence Management

Getting a clear picture of the competence of your workforce is crucial but can be challenging. Transform's world-leading competence management module can help you manage and understand the on-the-job skills, knowledge and competence of your entire workforce.

Virtual reality training for Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling’s (SANAD)

Learning Management

This module powers the technology-driven learning experiences offered by Transform, including E-Learn, V-Learn, R3 and our powerful simulator range.

Safety Management

This software module maximises your on-site safety. To deliver this, the module monitors safety throughout the key stages of workforce management, from pre-mobilisation, including risk awareness monitoring and site inductions, to on-site safety management, including permit-to-work and toolbox talks.

Virtual Reality

Our powerful, state-of-the-art, virtual reality-powered learning platform has been specifically designed to increase learning engagement and reduce training costs.


Simulation is one of the most effective methods of learning available. So our advanced simulators, powered by Drilling Systems, provide highly realistic and immersive learning environments which emulate drilling, well control, well intervention and crane operations in real time. The state-of-the-art On the Rig (OTR) offering allows you to take simulation to the worksite.


E-learning is a cost effective accessible way for your workforce to develop and test their knowledge and understanding of the key safety, compliance and competence needs for their job roles.

Insight and Intelligence

At the heart of this module lie the real-time dashboards and reporting tools which are embedded in the entire Transform platform, providing you with vital insights into your organisation’s operations.

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World leading businesses that trust our software and technology to transform their workforce safety, compliance and competence

"Our business is complex as we have over 4000 employees over 20 countries and we wanted visibility and a better foundation to develop our workforce. We were in the process of purchasing Oracle HR and when we seen the benefits of the premium package. We unanimously opted for Transform. It is transforming our workforce."

John Kent, CSO, Kentech

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Best-in-class learning experiences delivered at state-of-the-art training centres and on-site mobile training hubs in countries all around the world.

Software & Technology

A revolutionary and globally available cloud-based platform that transforms the entire training and workforce management process.


World leading Immersive products that enhance on-the-job performance by changing the way a workforce prepares for work and tests their skills.