Our Businesses

We are a network of world-leading businesses, working together to create innovative solutions that truly transform training with technology.

AIS Survivex are the UK’s number one training provider for the energy sectors – training over 100,000 delegates a year. From state-of-the-art industrial training facilities throughout the UK, AIS Survivex offer a comprehensive portfolio of over 500 mandatory and optional skills, competency and safety courses endorsed by the world’s leading trade associations including IRATA, OPITO, SPRAT, MCA, IOSH, ECITB, CompEx, GWO and RenewableUK.

Drilling Systems develop and manufacture advanced simulation technology solutions that improve workforce safety, competence and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. With over 1500 simulators deployed in over 60 countries, they are the worlds number 1 provider of drilling simulator solutions.

3t Transform designed and developed a game-changing platform of workforce development software and learning technologies. Designed to help business manage, deliver and monitor their workforce training and learning to advance their safety, knowledge, skills, performance and compliance.

3t EnerMech provides world-leading innovative and sustainable training solutions by combining the expertise of two industry-leading training companies 3t Energy Group and EnerMech.

UCT is the UK’s leading construction and utility infrastructure training provider, delivering over 30,000 training days for the industry every year. Ranging from short-term compliance-led and upskilling courses to supporting the ongoing development of more than 300 apprentices, UCT offer on-site training support as well as delivering bespoke training at the customer’s own facilities, ensuring the right quality and rigour of support is in place to meet the compliance and skills standards of UK industry. 

Find out more about how our three solution pillars deliver world-class fully connected solutions to truly transform training with technology…


Best-in-class learning experiences delivered at state-of-the-art training centres and on-site mobile training hubs in countries all around the world.

Software & Technology

A revolutionary and globally available cloud-based platform that transforms the entire training and workforce management process.


World leading Immersive products that enhance on-the-job performance by changing the way a workforce prepares for work and tests their skills.